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Module 2: Unit 5

Investment approach

As a foundation board member, you have the awesome — and sometimes totally intimidating —  responsibility of making important financial decisions.

In this unit we'll define complicated jargon, suggest questions to ask your family and investment managers, and provide sample policies for you to practice reading. These activities will prepare you to understand and actively participate in your family foundation's investment strategy.


Read (20 minutes)
Policy Central: Investing, Impact Investing and Spending Policies Policy Central is NCFP's hub for all the policy and procedure samples we've collected from our network over the years. Take a look at the investment policy statements to get a feel for how other foundations articulate their strategy. Also be sure to check out the investing questionnaire to check your knowledge of your family foundation's investment policy.
Read (15 minutes)
Increasing impact, while honoring donor intent: A profile of the Hattie M. Strong Foundation Find out how one family foundation changed their investment approach and how it works.
Do (90+ minutes)
Robinhood - free stock trading Practice investment management on a small scale. Apps like Robinhood and Motif allow users to build their stock portfolio, learn about the market, and try their hand at investing without the high trading and management costs.
Read (5 minutes)
Getting started with impact investing: Overcoming resistance from family and board members Learn about impact investing and how family foundations have adopted this method of investment.
Read (90+ minutes)
Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You're Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23 There's tons of literature out there for teaching kids about personal finance! If your kids are on the younger end, you'll want to be sure to help them build a strong personal foundation.