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Module 3: Unit 1

Wealth and responsibility

For many families, philanthropy offers opportunities for shaping their children’s values around wealth, responsibility, and giving back.

In this unit you will learn how to talk about wealth to encourage an ethic of pilanthropy and sharing.

Read (30 minutes)
Philanthropy’s role in developing responsible adults This Passages Issue Brief focuses on how a more constructive approach to raising responsible adults emphasizes positive practices, such as philanthropy and prevents feelings of entitlement.
Read (90+ minutes)
Silver spoon kids: How successful parents raise responsible children ($$) This book offers practical ideas and guidance for parents interested in communicating about wealth, teaching values and preventing feelings of entitlement among their children.
Read (60 minutes)
Generous genes: Raising caring kids in a digital age ($$) Generous Genes, written by former NCFP Vice President Susan Crites Price and her daughter Julie, is a user-friendly road map for parents, grandparents, and others for teaching kids - from toddlers through teens - the value of giving.
Read (90+ minutes)
Wealth in families ($$) In this widely praised resource from family wealth expert Charles Collier, he describes the four aspects of family wealth—financial, human, social and intellectual—and how to develop and preserve them through the generations.
Tune-in (30 minutes)
Bill & Melinda Gates TEDx: Why giving away our wealth is satisfying Watch this TEDx conversation with Bill and Melinda Gates as they talk about their work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as their marriage, their children, their failures and the satisfaction of giving most of their money away.
Tune-in (30 minutes)
The Forbes 400 summit on philanthropy: How the next generation of wealth gves back This panel discussion features Laura Arrillaga-Andressen, Bill Drayton, John Kluge, and Katherine Lorenz discussing generosity, the responsibilities of wealth and approaches for engaging young people in giving and civic activism.
Tune-in (15 minutes)
Talking about money Talking about money across generations can be uncomfortable. This webinar uses a case study of a multi-generation family’s conversation about their wealth and philanthropy to help listeners unpack multiple layers of assumptions and perspectives from each family member’s point of view. Watch this webinar to get a framework for how to have these conversations better in your own family.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Children, families and wealth: How philanthropy can help While there is often discussion about the role that the younger generation can play in a family’s philanthropy, less often discussed is the role of philanthropy in raising children amidst abundance. Watch this webinar to learn how many of the challenges of growing up wealthy can be eased through engaging the next generation in philanthropy.
Do (45 minutes)

giving-wordcloudCreate a monthly "giving" calendar

Completing the activity: Create your own "generosity days" or pick from a list of existing holidays.  Jot down giving activities you plan to engage in, and let the kids add drawings or photos cut out of magazines onto the calendar. For example, for National Good Neighbor Day, you could draw some leaves and plan to rake the yard of an elderly neighbor. As another example, at the Arbor Day Foundation website, you can buy Give-a-Tree cards for any occasion. They'll send you the card so you can sign it and give it to someone you wish to honor along with a special message.  (Source: Generous Genes: Raising Caring Kids in a Digital Age by Susan Crites Price).

Do (90+ minutes)

healthy-wealthy-wise-zoomRaised healthy, wealthy & wise toolkit ($$)

Completing the activity: 21/64 and Coventry Edwards-Pitt created this collection of interactive resources to inspire and support parents interested in fostering financial literacy, altruism and independence in their children. Contents include:  a series of cards designed to support candid exchanges and discussions among family members about values, wealth and responsibility; A guide for raising the next generation to be “healthy, wealthy and wise;” and a case study series on Lessons from Successful and Grounded Inheritors on How They Got That Way

Do (60 minutes)

GivingFamilies_computer_image_mediumParticipate in 's monthly giving challenges

Each month this fun and family-friendly website provides tips and instructions for a shared family activity designed to allow multiple generations to give and volunteer alongside one another.