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Module 3: Unit 3

Peers and networks

For young people, peers are often the preferred vehicle for learning and engagement. Take advantage of these resources and networks that focus on youth, with philanthropy and social change at the core.

In this unit you will see examples and tips for how to begin networking with your peers that are also interested in philanthropy and opportunities to jump start this important step.

Read (45 minutes)
Next gen donors: Respecting legacy, revolutionizing philanthropy This report shares the results of research conducted by 21/64 and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University. The report sheds light on the interests and motivations for giving among young people in their 20s and 30s.
Read (45 minutes)
Scanning the landscape of youth philanthropy This report produced by the Foundation Center provides a detailed compendium of youth philanthropy programs across the US, as well as an overview of the field and recommendations for strengthening it.
Read (5 minutes)
Weaving a web in action Review this short report on the 4th annual Youth Philanthropy Connect national conference and learn how young philanthropists are coming together to share ideas across families and grow from the experience.
Tune-in (30 minutes)
For youth by youth: Family foundations from a youth perspective Watch this webinar to be inspired by the stories of a how a number of young people are involved in their family's philanthropy.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Stories of outsized impact Stories of Outsize Impact, produced by Grantcraft and Exponent Philanthropy, are video vignettes showcasing young people and adults who are creating positive social change through their giving and involvement.
Tune-in (30 minutes)
For youth by youth: Your voice. Your world. Building your capacity to ignite change Watch this webinar to learn from other youth like you who are thinking big to drive change both in their own backyards and in under resourced communities around the world.
Do (90+ minutes)

youth-perspectiveJoin a peer learning community for youth

Take some time to explore Learning Communities, Peer Networks and Affinity Groups Online. There are many out there to choose from such as Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Youth Philanthropy Connect, Resource Generation, the Giving Circles Fund, Youth Service America, or even your local community foundation. These organizations provide opportunities to build networks with peers, learn about philanthropy, and actively engage in hands on giving and activism. The Foundaiton Center has also put together a comprehensive list of youth philanthropy organizations throughout the US. 


Do (90+ minutes)

nexus-logoAttend the Nexus Global Youth Summit

This annual gathering of young people focused on innovative philanthropy and social entrepreneurship offers dialogue, education, collaborative problem-solving and networking opportunity for emerging philanthropists.