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Module 4

Beyond the basics

Creating social change

Philanthropy is not just about making grants. There are many strategies and activities that next gen family members can participate in and support, and in this section we introduce a variety of these complementary approaches and tools.

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Through this module, you'll ground yourself in these vital topics:

Unit 1 Understanding the philanthropic sector Understanding the depth and diversity of the non-profit and philanthropic sector is no easy task for even the most experienced philanthropist. Explore 7 Activities To Explore Unit 2 Philanthropy as a tool for social change What is the role of philanthropic giving in the community? You may not always agree, but there is a wealth of information for young people to start their journey. Explore 9 Activities To Explore Unit 3 Advocacy and civic engagement Civic engagement and advocacy are two sides to the same coin: once we understand our powers and responsibilities as citizens, we can begin to use them for good. Explore 8 Activities To Explore Unit 4 Impact and mission-based investing Impact investing is the process of investing capital to generate social impact in a way that also provides monetary returns. Explore 9 Activities To Explore Unit 5 Learning and evaluation Learning to evaluate your family's philanthropy is necessary to learning and growing. Explore 11 Activities To Explore Unit 6 Refining your approach There are countless approaches to effective philanthropy - from investing in capacity building of nonprofit organizations to replicating successful programs or advocating for system reform, just to name a few. Explore 7 Activities To Explore Unit 7 Connecting with your local community One critical step in effective family philanthropy is including community voice in the family's decision-making. Explore 7 Activities To Explore Unit 8 Telling your story Telling your family story can be an engaging way of exploring how your family's shared values came to be. This is particularly helpful in determining where to take them next! Explore 5 Activities To Explore