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Module 4: Unit 3

Advocacy and civic engagement

Civic engagement and advocacy are two sides to the same coin: once we understand our powers and responsibilities as citizens, we can begin to use them for good. 

Involving young people in social change sometimes requires them to take a deliberate and vocal stance on key issues. 

This unit is all about playbooks, so expect to find a few different guides to incorporating advocacy into your philanthropic practice. 

Read (45 minutes)
Promoting youth civic engagement Learn about the ways youth can participate in advocacy and civic engagement and some activities to help spark this engagement. Look into the data on the current state of youth civic engagement, as well as the challenges and benefits to involving young people.
Tune-in (90+ minutes)
Advocacy and family philanthropy: Leveraging limited dollars for impact Tune in to this webinar to learn about how family foundations are engaging in advocacy, how they measure their advocacy efficacy, and what legal parameters family foundations need to be mindful of.
Read (10 minutes)
Generation Z Giving: Philanthropy goes Digital Read more about the way young people are advocating and vocalizing the causes they care about is changing as the digital age takes hold. It gives some examples of how smart phones and other technology are changing how the next generation advocates for important issues.
Read (10 minutes)
Advocacy and family giving: Leveraging limited dollars to maximize impact Explore the ways in which families support social change through advocacy campaigns. This article can be used to explain a family’s role in advocating for causes that are close to them.
Do (30 minutes)


 Advocacy Toolkit

Completing the activity: Equip yourself with this advocacy and civil engagement toolkit from the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest that has everything you and your family need to understand why advocacy and civic engagement are so important. Also includes helpful conversation starters! 

Read (20 minutes)
Advocacy Funding: The Philanthropy of Changing Minds In this guide, contributors explain that advocacy includes a lot of opportunities to improve public policy through work that is well within the limits of the law. Whether your purpose is to advance an idea, argue a position, or enrich the policy debate, the guide offers resources and strategies for planning your work, reaching your audience, assessing impact, and more.
Read (30 minutes)
Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook This publication provides information on 11 benefits and conversation-starters about philanthropic advocacy and lobbying. Specifically, it answers your questions about legal rules and provides concrete examples, templates, resources, and tips.
Read (5 minutes)
5 Super Useful Digital Advocacy Tools & Resources for Nonprofits If your family foundation already has a set advocacy strategy, make sure to check in with your tech-savvy family members to see if and how you can incorporate digital advocacy into your strategy. Here's a list of 5 tools and resources you should consider to help digitally boost your advocacy work.