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Module 4: Unit 6

Refining your approach

There are countless approaches to effective philanthropy - from investing in capacity building of nonprofit organizations to replicating successful programs or advocating for system reform, just to name a few.

Your family may have a defined approach or be flexible - either way, there are important questions to ask as you become involved. 

Read (15 minutes)
Funding for impact: How to design strategic grantmaking programs This issue brief from the TCC Group outlines a six-step process for designing an effective grantmaking program.
Read (20 minutes)
Is grantmaking getting smarter? Read this 2014 report by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, identifying shifts in how funders are supporting nonprofit results and where they are falling short. This field-wide study is considered a sector benchmark.
Tune-in (20 minutes)
Strategic philanthropy for a complex world This webinar and video series, hosted by FSG Social Impact Advisors, features philanthropic leaders from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations as well as FSG and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations. They share their ideas about what's required from funders to address complex problems in today's rapidly changing social sector.
Tune-in (20 minutes)
TEDx Video: Should You Donate Differently? Become excited about the different approaches to giving through Joy Sun's presentation on a new way to donate. Though you might not be able to do it Sun's way, you have the power to create your own giving plan.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Strategic philanthropy: What is it & how to do it Would you like your giving to be more strategic and aligned with your vision? This Bolder Giving webinar features Tracy Mack Parker, Chief Executive Officer of The Philanthropy Workshop and Sapphira Goradia, TPW alumni member and Executive Director of the Vijay and Marie Goradia Foundation, a family foundation working to improve health and educational outcomes in India through innovative, measurable and scalable initiatives. The webinar provides an overview of the essentials of developing a framework for strategic philanthropy and putting it into action.
Do (5 minutes)


Sign up for a free GrantCraft account

Completing the activity: Register at GrantCraft for a free account and gain access to a community of givers focused on learning and improvement. A component of the Foundation Center, Grantcraft offers extensive resources on giving approaches, an active online community, and opportunities for engaged learning.

Do (5 minutes)


View a list of other upcoming programs and events in the field

Completing the activity: There are a wide variety of regular conferences and convenings that offer opportunities for learning, from NCFP to Exponent Philanthropy, the Council on Foundations, affinity groups focused on issues, and regional associations of grantmakers. An updated list of upcoming events in family philanthropy is available through NCFP's Family Giving News e-newsletter and blog.