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Module 4: Unit 7

Connecting with your local community

One critical step in effective family philanthropy is including community voice in the family's decison-making.

In this unit you will see examples of families that have included the community in their family's philanthropy and learn how your family can do the same.

Read (5 minutes)
Five essential practices to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at your family foundation This short blog post succinctly describes five essential practices any family foundation should consider to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in its work.
Read (15 minutes)
Extending the Invitation: Non-Family Junior Board Members This brief article outlines a new way of connecting to community: non-family junior advisory boards! Experience the first-person perspective of a young woman who's participation on a family foundation junior board not only changed her life but helped shape the foundation. Great engagement strategies abound!
Read (5 minutes)
Three Things That Local Organizations Know But Foundations Often Miss Three simple lessons or reminders to help you navigate the complexity of community.
Read (15 minutes)
Suggestions for involving others Read this list of suggestions and ideas for involving community representatives, experts, and others in the work of a family foundation or advised fund.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Telling your story to maximize community impact You work hard to ensure you are maximizing community impact but do you have all the tools in your toolbox to lift up your grantees? Learn how new social media tools can help you tell your grantee’s stories, deepen community connections and advocate for your cause.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Building trust to promote community collaboration Problems in a community can be hard to solve when the people involved don’t communicate with each other because of their conflicting values across religious, cultural, political, social and other divides. Watch this webinar to learn about communication tools and techniques can bring together communities and family foundations.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Ten ways philanthropic families work with community foundations Watch this webinar that describes the many ways that philanthropic families work with community foundations. You will hear stories of collaboration as well as tools and tips to help jump start your involvement with the community.