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Module 5: Unit 1

Preparing for authentic youth leadership

Once youth have the information they need it's time to hone their leadership skills and start taking initative!

In this unit, you'll find activities and tips on how to help your family members discover their leadership potential.

Read (5 minutes)
Opportunities for the next generation to learn about the foundation In this quick read, Alice Buhl shares 18 ways to prepare young family members for foundation work.
Read (5 minutes)
Four lessons for effectively engaging youth This short article offers 4 great lessons on how to effectively engage and build up the young people in your family's philanthropic work. It also offers action items to help you get started implementing each lesson!
Read (20 minutes)
Choosing and preparing your grantmaking successors Read this Passages Issue Brief to find tips on succession and how to effectively transition foundation leadership from generation to generation.
Do (60 minutes)

Stand by your quote

Completing the activity: This exercise introduces the topic of leadership and encourages each family member to make a personal statement about his or her understanding of what makes a good leader:

  1. Write thoughtful leadership quotes somewhere around the room or on the wall (enough for each person).
  2. Each family member should walk around the room reading each of the quotes.
  3. Then have them stand by one quote that resonates well with their personal views on what makes a good leader.  When everyone has selected a quote (you can have more than one person by a quote), have each explain to the family why his or her chosen quote is important to them.

This can start further discussion within the family about leadership skills.

Read (45 minutes)
Philanthropy’s Role in Developing Responsible Adults This NCFP issue brief offers practical advice and case study examples of families who have successfully used philanthropy to help build leadership skills among youth and young adults.
Read (45 minutes)
Passing the Baton: Generations Sharing Leadership This Passages Issue Brief by NCFP Senior Fellow Alice Buhl describes successful transitions in family foundations, including lessons and ideas on how families can support and engage youth as leaders in the foundation context.