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Module 5: Unit 2

Expectations: a generational look

The joining of generations in your family's philanthropy is an exciting time. The work gains new dimesion and dynamism from the interplays of generational differences. 

This unit provides a look at foundations that have successfully come together as an intergenerational team as well as offers activities and advice for how to find the same success in your family. 

Read (60 minutes)
When Generations Collide ($$) Read this book to delve into the ways that generations interact with each other and the potential challenges that may arise.
Read (20 minutes)
Opportunity of a Lifetime 2.0: Young Adults in Family Philanthropy Griping about generational differences has almost overtaken baseball as America's favorite pastime. At NCFP, we've decided to lean in to this new multi-generational reality, and think deeply about how family philanthropy is changing too. Read this Passages Issue Brief for our most comprehensive guide to embracing intergenerational family philanthropy.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Lumpkin Family Foundation: An introduction to our work from senior members of the Lumpkin Family This three-minute video from the Lumpkin Family Foundation is a great example of how to use video to capture and share the perspectives, hopes, and expectations of current generations for generations to come. Consider making your own video -- it doesn't have to be high tech!
Do (45 minutes)

roleplay2164Play roleplay ($$)

Completing the activity: The work of giving can be serious business, but it doesn’t always have to be. 21/64, in partnership with Youth Philanthropy Connect & The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, created roleplay as a tool to help you leverage an often overlooked way to explore your role in philanthropy: play.

This interactive tool helps users gain awareness of how they act in different roles —both personally and as a funder — to make mindful choices about the roles they want to play. 

Do (90+ minutes)

generational2164Create a generational profile using 2164's Generational Profile ToolkIt ($$)

Completing the activity: Each generation has its own lens through which it sees the world. We encourage you to help your family build empathy for these distinct generational perspectives.

This deeper understanding will help lay the foundation of trust, respect and collaboration that is crucial to productive, long-term relationships and effective decision-making.

Do (30 minutes)

picture your legacy 2164Play picture your legacy ($$)

Completing the activity: Picture Your Legacy is a deck of 52 colorful image cards that guides individuals, groups, and families toward articulating a legacy—be it in business, philanthropy, or life.

Images can help to stimulate this process by tapping into the right side of your brain and revealing how you aspire to be in the world. Use these cards to catalyze creative conversations among individuals, groups and families of any age and across generational divides.