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Module 5: Unit 3

Structures to support youth engagement

Youth need a foundation to stand on in order to begin affecting their communities and engaging with their family's philanthropy. 

This unit supplies multiple ways to build that foundation and answers some of the most pressing questions and how to begin to build this structure for youth.

Read (15 minutes)
Adding new voices and raising charitable children: A family responsibility This article looks the benefits of raising charitable children early on so that those values are instilled in them early and the transition from one generation to another is smooth.
Read (45 minutes)
Igniting the Spark - Creating Effective Next Gen Boards This Passages Issue Brief introduces an increasingly popular method for preparing the next generation for philanthropic service: the next generation or junior board.
Read (15 minutes)
Methods for effective youth governance This article provides insights on the specifics of youth governance and what you can do to aid youth leadership in the most effective way.
Read (10 minutes)
Raising children with philanthropic values This monograph from The Philanthropic Initiative provides practical guidance for parents seeking to extend a tradition of philanthropy and stewardship to the next generation.
Read (90+ minutes)
Girls Seen and Heard ($$) This book provides a foundation for helping young girls find their voice, their passions, and their place in the world. In engaging youth there must first be a solid foundation in their lives, which this book helps to create.
Read (90+ minutes)
15 points: Successfully involving youth in decision making ($$) This 220 page comprehensive guide to youth involvement is a logical starting point for preparing young people to take ownership of their communities. It includes guidelines, worksheets, tips, a resource directory and stories from the street- all designed to help young people and adults work together to improve their communities.
Read (5 minutes)
What are easy ways to involve my children in giving this year? Read this resourceful article to find a few ideas on how to engage young people in giving through the year.
Read (5 minutes)
Youth board members: Can minors serve on a nonprofit board? Read this interesting article on the laws surrounding youth on boards which provides some definitive answers to any and all questions you may have on the nature of the next generations participation on your family's board.
Tune-in (20 minutes)
Creating a culture of learning for your family and board This webinar looks at creative ways to engage a family's board while creating a culture that is open to learning and growing.
Tune-in (15 minutes)
Webinar: How to engage youth in philanthropy in meaningful, fun ways Watch this Exponent Philanthropy webinar to hear from youth leaders that are experts in the area of youth philanthropy. They will provide some stories, examples, and tips on how to make philanthropy fun and engaging for all young people.
Do (5 minutes)


Talk About Giving Game ($$) 

Completing the activityThe Central Carolina Community Foundation designed the Talk About Giving game, a fun way to spark conversations about philanthropy.

The game features a game booklet and sixty question cards that will jumpstart family discussion. Cards are organized into four fun categories: Money MattersFamily MattersGiving Matters, and What Matters to Me? 

Keep the game at the dinner table, in your car — how you play the game is much like how you give: it’s entirely up to you. The Talk About Giving game will help your family build meaningful connections that last. You can also go here to get the “question of the week.”