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I am most proud of the fact that somehow, little by little, I have nurtured a spirit of giving not only in my own children and nieces and nephews but also in other children, simply by listening to them and valuing their interests and passions. I listened to their hearts.

Shirley Fredricks, Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Philanthropy is a powerful mix of possibility, responsibility, learning and inspiration. For many families, engaging their children is an important step along their philanthropic journey. 

No matter what step your family is at, there’s always something to learn about intergenerational giving.

Through a series of five Modules, Generations Together offers information, resources, and ideas for activities for you and your family. In each Module, there are resources for different learning styles: Read, Tune-in, and Do. We’ve included lots of real life examples from giving families.

Get started: Review the Generations Together User Guide

Take a look at the collection, carefully curated for families at every stage—whether you’re just starting out or have been active for generations.

The collection is based on almost two decades of work with families. Over and over, we hear from family members eager for guidance and support.

Where do I even begin? I’ve learned so much through the years it’s hard to know where to start.

Our young people are ready—it’s the older folks who need help preparing for this transition. Help!

My kids are so busy—but they want to be involved. What resources can I share with them?

I’ve been asked to help "on board" the next generation, but I don’t know what they need to learn.

You’ll find answers to these questions and so many more. Most of the information and resources identified here target young people between the ages of 12 and 24. But many could be used with children as young as 6 or for those over 40!


If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please contact us at

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