Passing the “mirror test”: Ethics and family philanthropy

Thursday, August 13, 2015, 12:00 PM EST
90 minutes
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Who should attend

Board members, staff, advisors, and donors in family philanthropy.


Your family’s philanthropic values – your sense of stewardship, your personal commitments and interests, and your desire to foster charitable impulses in your children and future generations – are the foundation of your family’s philanthropy.  Articulating and discussing values on a regular basis is part of ethically responsible giving. And ensuring that your grants and gifts are effective in achieving your goals is also an ethical obligation. Join us for this fun and interactive exploration of how to frame and diagnose ethical dilemmas in family giving, featuring nationally acclaimed ethics consultant Michael Rion, author of Everyday Ethics: Putting Values into Action and Responsible Family Philanthropy: A Resource Book on Ethical Decisionmaking for Family Foundations.

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What participants said:

The case studies brought the issues -- and the ethical gray areas -- to the forefront in a very engaging and accessible way.


Made an abstract topic very applicable--real scenarios were excellent. 

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