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NCFP conducts and commissions groundbreaking research on philanthropic families; we're known for helping families turn research into action!

Trends in Family Philanthropy

Identity, Leadership, and the Practice of Family Philanthropy (2014 - present)

Share your voice and experiences in this exciting new benchmarking study: the Trends in Family Philanthropy research initiative. Click here to take the survey


The study, guided by a distinguished National Advisory Committee, will be the most comprehensive look at family philanthropy ever conducted. Learn how your giving program compares to the practices of other families. Find out what new directions families are interested in pursuing-and what the trends in next gen involvement, measuring impact and new giving vehicles could mean for the field. NCFP is conducting this field-wide, benchmarking study in partnership with the Urban Institute. Results will be released at the National Forum on Family Philanthropy from October 14-16 in Seattle, WA.  Be a part of this exciting new research - take the survey today!

"I was impressed by the degree to which the Trends in Family Philanthropy survey reflected a nuanced and deep understanding of family foundations from operations to governance to family dynamics.  Unlike other foundation surveys, at no point did I find myself scratching my head saying, 'no answer quite fits our situation.'  That made completing the survey a quick but thoughtful task.  I look forward to the results."

-- Amy Lyons, Executive Director, John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

Executive Summary

The Role of the Family Foundation Chief Executive Officer (2011 - present)

Family foundation CEOs occupy a unique position that often involves a complex relationship in which they must serve the public good and the foundation’s mission while simultaneously helping a family (which may or may not be the CEO’s family) articulate and advance their philanthropic vision. The CEO role can be simultaneously inspiring, educational, and maddening... and it is one that most CEOs have no choice but to learn by doing. To support current and future leaders in this work, NCFP has launched its CEO Initiative and Non-family Staff Network.

Full Report

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The full report features detailed results and charts from the study.

Trends on the Road

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Join NCFP leadership and special guest representatives from local family foundations for this series of discussion groups for families and those who advise them. What are the implications of Trends for the field as a whole? What are the implications for your community? For your family? Join and share your own perspectives with peers and colleagues.