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Section 3: Resource 2


Whatever purpose you may choose for your foundation — improving education, advancing science, preserving the environment, or any other mission — media and communications activities can amplify your message and accelerate philanthropic impact. In today’s digitally connected world, media and communications offer powerful tools to help tell your story and raise awareness about your mission. But, as these tools have grown more varied and complex, it’s become more important for family foundations to be deliberate and strategic in their use.

This section provides additional reading and guidance on the considerations around communicating in a media-driven world. For a wide variety of additional resources on this topic, current NCFP Friends are invited to login to NCFP's Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center.

Read (60 minutes)
The family stories that bind us Read this New York Times article to gain some insight on the merits of creating a family tree and teaching your children the history of their family.
Read (60 minutes)
Storytelling and Social Change: A Strategy Guide for Grantmakers This guide is not so much about how to tell a good story, but about how to use “narrative strategies”— strategies that use storytelling to advance social change.
Tune-in (5 minutes)
Family history made simple Watch this video as an introduction to creating family trees and researching family history.
Do (90+ minutes)

granddad-grandkidsInterview your grandparents

Completing the Activity: Interview your grandparents (or great-grandparents!) or the family's resident historian. Check out the Legacy Project for a complete list of activities and guides and for questions and other tools for building closer relationships between generations in your family.

Do (60 minutes)


Create a family tree

Completing the Activity: Create your own family tree using websites such as Family Echo and Geni, or have your family help you draw one!