Opportunity of a Lifetime: Young Adults in Family Philanthropy

Posted on October 4, 2002 by Alison D. Goldberg

This Passages Issue Brief addresses one of the most important opportunities in family philanthropy – encouraging young adults to take part in the family’s giving process and to become philanthropic in their own right. What are the reasons that families involve young adults? And what can young adults themselves do to become more connected to the family’s philanthropy?… Read More

Reviewing Donor Legacy and Defining Future Directions: the Current Family Foundation

Posted on November 4, 2001 by Charles Hamilton

Each and every foundation conducts its review of donor legacy differently, depending upon the unique characteristics of the family and the foundation. The Current Family Foundation recently went through a successful process of review highlighting the donors'legacy. It invigorated the foundation's programmatic grantmaking, and moved the board of family members-from several generations-forward with a common family legacy… Read More

Continuity of Assets and Direction

Posted on February 18, 2000 by Carol Robbins

As funds from Col. Springs’ charitable trusts provided a tenfold growth in assets in the 1970s, the foundation witnessed a large though gradual increase in grant requests and its grantmaking budget. Two people in particular, Charlie Bundy and Jim Bradley, became concerned about maintaining an adequate asset base for the future, since after the money from the trusts ceased (1976),… Read More

Getting Oriented

Posted on November 8, 1999 by Council on Foundations

Defining roles, helping new board members make an early contribution, and providing information on the foundation’s operations are all part of an important function that sometimes receives inadequate attention— board orientation. While some foundationsseelittleturnoveramongtrustees,others add several new people each year. New foundations find themselves facing the challenge of bringing a whole group up to working speed. And family foundations struggle… Read More

Trustees by Margaret Mahoney

Posted on December 22, 1996 by Margaret E. Mahoney

This seminal essay from the long-time president of the Commonwealth Fund explores the critical roles and responsibilities of foundation trustees, and the duties of responsible boards of directors. Selected excerpts include: “To fulfill a trust, the trustee must act for the benefit of another, not for personal gain. Trustees are in effect moral decision makers.” “Responsible boards are not born… Read More

Always in the Family?

Posted on November 8, 1995 by Council on Foundations

Should family foundation board members always be family members? Not necessarily. While some prefer this, others find that a few outside voices can enrich the governance and decision-making of the foundation… Read More

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