Foundation Trustee Fees: Use and Abuse

Posted on October 29, 2003 by Channapha Khamvongsa, Christine Ahn, Pablo Eisenberg

Many foundations pay trustees for their board service, and trustee fees count as part of the mandated 5 percent annual payout for foundations. This report examines the 990-PF reports of 238 foundations in order to study the rationale behind and necessity of trustee fees. It recommends limitations on trustee fees and modifications to the 990-PF form, and provides detailed data… Read More

Charity Begins at Home

Posted on October 9, 2003 by Globe Spotlight Team

This is the first in a series of investigative reports by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team. Called ‘Charity Begins at Home,’ the series details instances of self-dealing, conflict of interest, and excessive compensation in the foundation world and was one of many catalysts for the Senate Finance Committee hearings in July 2004. Links to other articles in the six-part series… Read More

Conflicts of Interest

Posted on July 27, 2003 by Jane Nober

A strong conflict of interest policy with clear guidelines can help your foundation or public charity avoid even the appearance of impropriety… Read More