Conflict of Interest Policy (Self Foundation)

Posted on October 27, 2002 by Self Family Foundation

The South Carolina-based Self Foundation’s policy on dealing with potential conflicts of interest between board members and grantees. The Foundation encourages board members to play an active role in the community by serving as board members or other-wise being involved with a wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations. … Read More

When Self-Dealing May Occur

Posted on October 20, 2002 by John Sare

What is self-dealing and what are the rules against it? This brief excerpt provides a description and context for this important foundation legal issue… Read More

Discretionary Grants: Encouraging Participation… or Dividing Families?

Posted on August 5, 2001 by Jason Born

The practice of discretionary grantmaking brings out a wide variety of responses. This Passages Issue Brief looks at the common reasons that families use or opt not to use discretionary grants, and the typical process that is used to make these types of grants. The paper also examines how different approaches to discretionary grants can support or hinder the work… Read More

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing

Posted on October 22, 1999 by Benjamin T. White

Trustees must ensure that their family fund or foundation adheres to federal law on conflicts of interest and self-dealing. These rules, discussed in detail in this chapter, prohibit the trustees themselves, certain family members, managers, and other ‘disqualified persons’ from benefiting from the philanthropic activities. … Read More