Accepting the Gift as Is, a Conversation with Molly Stranahan

Posted on October 21, 2003 by Pamela Gerloff

Receiving money at a young age led me to choose economics as my major, and later, to work in a bank, where I eventually became a trust officer. I wanted to know how money worked. In time, I was allowed to read the trust document for my inheritances, which is when I discovered that there had been misinterpretations of one of the trusts… Read More

Rebecca Adamson: Rediscovering the Native-American Experience

Posted on November 4, 2002 by National Center for Family Philanthropy

Native Americans now live both with change and tradition in many areas of their lives, including giving practices. Sharing and exchanging gifts are scarcely new to Native Americans; personalized giving is bedrock to their culture. For many, however, large scale, institutional, formalized philanthropy is a new concept, as described in this chapter from 'Faith and Family Philanthropy.'… Read More

Richard A. Lord: Finding Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity in the Episcopal Church

Posted on October 28, 2002 by Richard A. Lord

Do religious organizations have the spiritual authority to challenge congregants to lead more generous lives? In the religious context, is charitable giving more than a financial matter? This case study from 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' suggests that giving is an emotional and spiritual practice that, over the course of a lifetime, transforms the giver's relationships with God, others, and the world as a whole… Read More

Building on Your Best Hopes: from Vision to Action

Posted on October 24, 2002 by Joseph Foote

A family's journey toward faith-directed philanthropy can begin with a single step - a look at your own values, motives, and traditions. In this introductory essay to 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' Journal, Ambassador James A. Joseph suggests that inquiring about how compassionate values are developed helps us to better understand how our own values, our charitable impulse, developed… Read More

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