Family offices and family businesses


Equal Isn’T Always Fair

Posted on October 28, 1996 by Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D.

Parents want to be fair to all their children. When their offspring work together in the business, it isn't always easy to figure out the best way to do it. Parents can certaintly create conditions that make sibling partnerships possible, through mentoring, training, discussions of partnership options at an early age, and through an equitable distribution of ownership… Read More

Every Family Gets the In-Laws They Deserve

Posted on October 28, 1996 by Ivan Lansberg

Owners are quick to blame in-laws for tensions, ignoring their own contribution to the problems. If they hold up their end of the relationship, accepting their share of responsibility for whatever tensions arise instead of blaming in-laws for their own emotional entanglements, they will surely have fewer in-law "problems."" … Read More

Twelve Tasks in Succession

Posted on October 23, 1993 by Ivan Lansberg

Planning a leadership transition is hard, stressful work. Not every family has the stamina to stay the course, or the courage to face the choices that must be made." … Read More

Make a Career of Retirement

Posted on October 30, 1990 by Howard Muson

Howard Muson talks with consultant Leon Danco about a solution for those who cannot let go of the family business: creating and managing family foundation… Read More

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