Unlocking The Power Of The Proxy

Posted on October 22, 2004 by Conrad MacKerron

There is no such thing to my mind . . . as an innocent stockholder. He may be innocent in fact, but socially he cannot be held innocent. He accepts the benefits of the system. It is his business and his obligation to see that those who represent him carry out a policy which is consistent with the public welfare… Read More

Investment policy statement with focus on socially responsible investing (Needmor Fund)

Posted on April 15, 2004 by Needmor Fund

An investment policy with a special focus on socially responsible investing. From the policy’s introduction: We believe that a foundation lives out its mission and values not only through the organizations it supports, but also by how it uses its assets. Mission related investing is an investment process that considers the social and environmental consequences of investments in addition to… Read More

Foundation investing: Roadblocks and bumps in the road

Posted on October 29, 2002 by Jason Born

Family foundation boards may experience challenging situations while overseeing the investments of the foundation. This sidebar describes several of these circumstances, including family members as paid investment managers; over-management of the endowment; time lags between meetings; and disparity of interests and abilities among family members… Read More