Giving Until It Hurts: Coping With a Tough Economy

Posted on June 4, 2003 by Deborah Brody Hamilton

In early 2003, following two years of steady stock market declines, many nonprofits faced what commentators described as a ‘perfect storm’ in their funding. This Passages Issue Brief describes strategies that foundations and non-profits have used to survive these and other related cut backs… Read More

The Five Percent Minimum Payout Requirement

Posted on December 1, 2000 by Council on Foundations

The purpose behind the minimum payout requirement is to prevent foundations from simply receiving gifts, investing the assets and never spending any funds on charitable purposes. This report, developed by the Council on Foundations, describes the payout requirement, how to calculate payout, penalties for violating the rule, and other details relating to this important requirement for private foundations… Read More

Considering the question of perpetuity

Posted on February 20, 1999 by Vince Stehle

Although there is some debate within philanthropy about the question of perpetuity, in the end no single correct approach is right for all donors. The decision to create a foundation for the ages or for the moment is a highly individual choice. It should be guided by the philanthropic goals laid out by donors and their families… Read More