Accountability as Telling Our Story

Posted on October 21, 2001 by Colin G. Campbell

While donor families often have strong feelings about preserving their privacy, this short perspectives piece argues that it is important for families to tell their stories more publicly and openly. This essay encourages families to tell their stories, both to be accountable as grantmakers and to help clarify their individuality and distinctiveness… Read More

Discretionary Grants: Encouraging Participation… or Dividing Families?

Posted on August 5, 2001 by Jason Born

The practice of discretionary grantmaking brings out a wide variety of responses. This Passages Issue Brief looks at the common reasons that families use or opt not to use discretionary grants, and the typical process that is used to make these types of grants. The paper also examines how different approaches to discretionary grants can support or hinder the work… Read More

Board Compensation: Reasonable and Necessary?

Posted on April 5, 2001 by Jason Born

Deciding whether to compensate or reimburse family foundation board members can be a difficult and complex decision. This Passages Issue Brief provides guidance on the legal regulations regarding compensation, suggestions for how to initiate a conversation among your board members about whether or not compensation is appropriate, and suggestions for how to develop a written policy based on this conversation… Read More

Families can choose anonymity

Posted on October 28, 2000 by Joseph Foote

Many families in philanthropy maintain a low profile in their giving. This chapter from ‘Family Philanthropy and Donor-Advised Funds’ describes the advantages of the donor-advised fund option for those who choose to remain anonymous… Read More

Philanthropy In A Favorable Climate

Posted on July 29, 1999 by Paul Ylvisaker

My concern is whether philanthropy may be straying too far from its humanists and altruistic origins. The trend toward more professionalized philanthropy has in most respects been a goof thing, but not when it stiffens into bureaucracy and loses the spontaneity and compassion of the one-to-one… Read More

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