When is a seed grant not a seed grant

Posted on September 18, 1999 by Mark R. Kramer

‘No Operating Support’ might as well be engraved over the entrance to most foundations. But a large share of new program funds surreptitiously meet operating costs. Foundations and charities need to stop playing shell games with each other… Read More

Philanthropy In A Favorable Climate

Posted on July 29, 1999 by Paul Ylvisaker

My concern is whether philanthropy may be straying too far from its humanists and altruistic origins. The trend toward more professionalized philanthropy has in most respects been a goof thing, but not when it stiffens into bureaucracy and loses the spontaneity and compassion of the one-to-one… Read More

Small Can Be Effective

Posted on July 29, 1999 by Paul Ylvisaker

Foundations do not need a lot of money to be effective. If, indeed, they were to exploit only a fraction of the strategies available to them, their individual and collective impact on American life would be vastly and beneficially expanded. … Read More

Interview: Power in Giving

Posted on May 4, 1996 by Anne Slepian, Christopher Mogil

All too often, philanthropy replicates the power dynamics that it is trying to undo in society. Those holding the purse strings are seen as all-powerful, and those requesting funds feel like beggars. This interview is with Rebecca Rimel, President and CEO of Pew Charitable Trusts. … Read More