Women and Giving

Posted on May 24, 2014 by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Part of the Philanthropy Roadmap series, this publication provides an introduction to the world of women and philanthropy. Written for both established and emerging donors, it aims to help women delve further into the potential growth and fulfillment that can come from giving… Read More

Positive Tracks: a Story of Generation Next Philanthropy

Posted on February 15, 2014 by Gioia C. Perugini, Nini Meyer

[Photo: Youth gather at the beginning of a Postive Tracks fundraising race.] Much has been written about the “next generation” and its integration into family philanthropy. How will they get involved? Will their philanthropic initiatives look different from those of their parents and grandparents? What tools and resources can help them be most effective? Nini Meyer was raised in a… Read More

Women in Philanthropy: Transformational Leadership

Posted on June 24, 2008 by Ellen Remmer

On June 24th, 2008, TPI’s President and CEO Ellen Remmer kicked off the Women’s Philanthropy Network with an address about the power and potential of women’s philanthropy. Women, with their transformational leadership style, can achieve social change by being passionate about philanthropy as a means to self-expression, family bonding, and positive social impact. Following is a transcript of that address… Read More

Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Posted on September 24, 2004 by Christine Grumm

Fund>forward, Making the Case and the Women of Color/International Development Incubator are three of the tools most recently developed by Women’s Funding Network (WFN) to help its members – 100 women’s funds around the globe… Read More

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