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Lauren Nunley-Beale

Lauren Nunley-Beale

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What do you do at NCFP?

My role at NCFP is the Executive Coordinator for our President, Ginny Esposito. I manage Ginny’s schedule, correspond with colleagues and other organizations regarding her calendar – including speaking appearances, interviews, conferences, etc. In addition to this, I manage the board meetings, lend support in special projects and coordinate travel.

What are your favorites?

anywhere with clear/blue waters and the sun
Family Tradition
Family Tradition:
making food, dancing and singing to music and games during the holidays
education, social justice and women’s rights
R&B/soul, jazz (especially Thelonious Monk & Miles Davis)
yoga, blogging, traveling, museum trips
The Buddha’s Way by H. Saddhatissa

What is the biggest trend in the field of family philanthropy?

Being new to [family] philanthropy, I’d have to say including the next generation and how to keep them engaged to continue giving seems to be big. It’s important that philanthropy can continue within the family in able to provide research and funds for those who are interested in making the world a better place.

What did you do before NCFP?

Before beginning at NCFP, I worked at The Brookings Institution in Foreign Policy and Universal Education. I obtained my B.A. in Pan African Studies – Arts and Literature, since my main interests include reading and writing. I have been able to work in different industries such as music, TV, and higher education, where I’ve acquired different styles of writing and information.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that I am able to work with individuals who all have a mission to make a difference!