Katherine Fox

Investment and Philanthropic Advisor, Arnerich Massena

Katherine Fox works as an investment and philanthropic advisor at Arnerich Massena, where she advises clients on all aspects of charitable giving and building a philanthropic strategy. As a third-generation member of a philanthropic family, Katherine has extensive experience working with ultra-high net worth individuals and families to help them become educated and involved donors, develop a family legacy of giving, and implement plans to give away larger sums of money. She also serves as a client resource for other financial planning and specialty areas including education funding, cash flow planning, wealth transfer, and tax planning. As an investment advisor, she is responsible for the development, execution, and ongoing maintenance of client investment programs, client portfolio management, and developing client relationships.

Prior to joining Arnerich Massena in 2017, she managed individuals’ investment and trust relationships as part of The Private Bank at Wells Fargo. Previously, she worked as part of the corporate practice group in the Washington D.C. office of Mintz Levin, providing venture capital and mergers and acquisitions deal support for transactions in the cleantech and healthcare sectors.

Katherine sits on the Advisory Board for VertueLab’s Climate Impact Fund and is a member of Ninety-Nine Girlfriends, a women’s giving circle focused on creating real impact in the Portland metro area. She also serves as a volunteer educator and mentor with Financial Beginnings, an organization that provides personal finance educational programs to give individuals a foundation to make informed financial decisions.


Voices from the Field

Exploring the Motivations and Concerns of Younger Donors

Posted on September 24, 2019 by Katherine Fox

Most discussions of younger donors tend to focus on how we give—our impact focus, our desire to be involved with the organizations we fund, and our interest in making a difference through social enterprise and newer forms of philanthropy. These trends are important to my family’s giving and I see them frequently working with younger donors in my capacity as… Read More