Laura Winter

Donor Relations Consultant, Oregon Community Foundation

Laura Winter previously served as Vice President for Donor Relations at The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF), and brings 27 years of nonprofit leadership and donor relationship experience to her current role of Donor Relations Consultant at OCF. She has deep knowledge of working across generations and with families to create and celebrate legacies in philanthropy.

Laura enjoys working alongside her talented and committed colleagues who color outside the lines and use the whole box of crayons to advance the mission of OCF. Having traveled the state from border to border many times during her career, Laura feels at home anywhere in Oregon. One of her favorite things about her work is the many donors who give because they truly believe in the humanity of lifting everyone’s boats and making Oregon all that it can be.

Laura writes and publishes poetry and performs with improvisers of music.

Laura is a 21/64-certified practitioner consulting with families on multi-generational giving.



Community Foundation Spark Session: Building Blocks for Community Foundations Starting Family Donor Relationships

Posted on August 25, 2016 by Jennifer Olson Curry, Laura Winter, Whitney Hosty, Tony Macklin

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