Chris Steed

December 2, 2022
Chris Steed is Executive Director of the Fullerton Foundation, a private family foundation based in Gaffney, SC. He works with a board of dedicated directors to foster healthcare innovation throughout the Upstate of South Carolina and Western North Carolina.  Prior to that he served United Way of the Piedmont for 10 years–first as Vice President of Community Impact and then Read More

Project Executive

December 2, 2022
The National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty is seeking a strategic leader with strong implementation skills and issue-area expertise to evolve the Affinity Group from a start-up project into a mature initiative. The leader will have the opportunity to build on efforts to date, refine the goals and major focus areas of the group, and drive its impact and success Read More
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Responding Quickly and Effectively in Times of Disaster: Preparation and Partnerships are Critical

November 30, 2022 | Brooks Reed
At CAF America, we support donors who want to build long-term partnerships with local organizations and create meaningful impact, anywhere in the world. This model is particularly relevant when communities we grant to are impacted by natural disasters, political crises, or other emergencies. After responding to the many global emergencies that have occurred over the past few years—from wildfires in Read More

Brooks Reed

November 30, 2022
I have worked with the CAF Group in a variety of roles since October 2015, when I was a co-author on the report titled Beyond Integrity: Exploring the role of business in preserving the civil society space (Charities Aid Foundation, 2016). After briefly working with CAF UK’s International Team in London, I joined CAF America in 2017 and have led Read More
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Balancing Individual and Family Interests in Collective Giving

For many, family philanthropy presents an opportunity to create a shared experience, unifying the family by working together toward a lasting legacy of impact. Family philanthropy can also give participants an opportunity to explore and cultivate their personal—and sometimes separate—philanthropic passions. There can be an inherent tension between these two goals, and many families struggle with how to address it—especially Read More
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Philanthropic Purpose, Motivations, and Values

January 12, 2023 | Nancy Bacon
For your philanthropy to be meaningful and effective, it is important to define, refine, and periodically revisit your philanthropic purpose: to understand your motivations for giving, the collective values that guide your philanthropy, and establish clarity around the various priorities and approaches your family will utilize in its giving. This interactive program is designed to both guide families through initial Read More

Nancy Bacon

November 29, 2022
Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and learning strategist who has worked for over 25 years in the nonprofit sector. She is CEO of Nancy Bacon Consulting LLC, an educational production company that works with nonprofits, associations, public agencies, and philanthropic partners to design and deliver learning experiences that help people take action. Nancy regularly writes and speaks on topics Read More
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Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: The Spend Down Journey—Timing is Everything

The length of the spend down journey varies from foundation to foundation. The nature of decisions also varies depending on the length of time remaining in the foundation’s lifespan. What is top of mind at the different times of the spend down journey? What can a spend down foundation with more than 10 years remaining learn from a foundation with Read More
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Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: Spending Down—Trade-offs and Opportunities

When a family makes the decision to spend down their philanthropic resources, that is just the beginning to many other decisions that affect the impact of the family’s giving. Trade-offs will need to be made related to staffing, investments and grantmaking. How can one maximize the opportunities that spending at a faster payout rate provides? How can one minimize missed Read More