Allison Magee, Executive Director of the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and colleagues attend a walking tour of San Francisco at NCFP’s 20th Anniversary Symposium in 2018.

The National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) aims to ensure that philanthropic families gain clarity of purpose and achieve meaning and impact in their giving, while the field of family philanthropy pursues an ambitious vision toward building a more equitable world. In addition activating a network of philanthropic families who are motivated and equipped to effectively deploy their resources, NCFP partners with peer donor-serving organizations to serve as a hub of learning, connection, and action. 

Philanthropic Families & Family Foundations

We believe that family philanthropy is a critical lever for change. NCFP was founded in 1997 in response to the need for a national source of knowledge and expertise that advances the effectiveness of family philanthropy. Today, NCFP continues to provide resources and peer learning opportunities that position philanthropic families to make positive, meaningful differences in their communities.  

We’re here to help you think through your options, ask the right questions, and connect with others who have been through the same process.

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Community Foundations

Community foundations play vital roles across the country—they serve as hubs for donor engagement, capital, and learning. As partners in the philanthropic sector, NCFP helps community foundations improve their donor services, with a special emphasis on families. The Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network brings together foundation staff to share tools, exchange insights, build capacity for the field, and create new connections.

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Donor Networks

Philanthropy-serving organizations act as important educators and advocates for their members. NCFP partners with philanthropy-serving organizations and their family philanthropy members to provide relevant content, expertise, and community.

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Consultants & Advisors

NCFP recognizes the value of consultants and advisors in helping donor families achieve their philanthropic goals and often connects donors with consultants. We offer resources, events, and community to help practitioners tackle their clients’ challenges and make informed recommendations.

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Banks, Financial Institutions, For-Profit Networks

Financial institutions and multi-family offices supporting client trusts, foundations, and other charitable vehicles are instrumental in guiding families through the complexities of wealth management. NCFP has the expertise to help you serve families better.

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