What is Effective Family Philanthropy?

In philanthropy, meaningful change is the aim—it’s the purpose and the promise. But in striving for and achieving impact, have we been effective?

Who decides the measures of success, and what are the conditions that promote meaningful and enduring progress? What does it mean to be effective not just as funders, but as family philanthropies?

In partnership with Open Impact, NCFP has been exploring these questions and is pleased to release our new guide to help you in your practice.


The NCFP Guide for Effective Family Philanthropy

Ultimately, effective family philanthropy is rooted in cultural evolution and advances meaningful outcomes by embodying four core principles: accountability, equity, reflection and learning, and relationships. Our new guide defines effective family philanthropy and explores these four principles. It is intended to be a catalyst for reflection, intention, and a commitment to action from the family philanthropy field. Access the guide below.

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What are the principles of effective family philanthropy?

Choosing Effectiveness

Read NCFP President and CEO Nick Tedesco's perspective on effective family philanthropy