“I wished I had this kind of network when I was getting started and over the years. I think there is value in the substantive feedback from peers (lessons learned, sample docs, case studies, etc.) but also the camaraderie of knowing that there are people out there wearing similar hats.” – Erin Kahn

NCFP’s Peer Networks are small group virtual learning conversations focused on a particular topic. Sessions are held several times a year via video chat.

Joining a peer network can help you connect with others facing similar challenges and successes. Sessions are not recorded to make space to allow you to explore ideas off the record with colleagues.

The Board Chair Peer Network, Non-family Staff Peer Network,  Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network, and Engaging Youth Peer Network are available exclusively to our family philanthropy members.

The Rural Funders Peer Network and Strategic Lifespan Peer Network are open to family philanthropies and those who support them. See specific requirements on each peer network’s home page.

The Community Foundations in Family Philanthropy Network is a Peer Network for NCFP’s community foundation members.

View the upcoming peer network events here.

Board Chair Peer Network

Available for NCFP family philanthropy members. Learn more about joining the NCFP Network here

Board chairs gather several times a year to share best practices, address challenges, and connect with colleagues. See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Liz Bonner, Chair, Hill-Snowdon Foundation
Katherine Osborne Valdez, Chair, The Powell Foundation

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Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network

This group of family members coming into their leadership (approximately ages 21-45) provides an opportunity for next generation family members to advance their giving and leadership development, both personally and professionally. See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Theo Avery, Vice President, The Durfee Foundation
Ida Posner, Strategic Advisor, Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh
Christina West-Bieg, Trustee, Castellano Family Foundation

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Engaging Youth Peer Network

This group of adult family members, staff, and volunteers gathers several times a year to share resources, tools, and strategies for inspiring and engaging youth. See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Neil Gobioff, President, Gobioff Foundation
Cadence Miller, Program Officer, Laird Norton Family Foundation

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Non-family Staff Peer Network

Join your peers (senior level non-family staff) for quarterly video chats. This time is peer-directed, with NCFP staff and other outside experts serving as resources. Join and build a network of colleagues facing the unique challenges, complications, and joys that are inherent in this role.  See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Chris Steed, Executive Director, Fullerton Foundation
Christy Uchida, President, The Brinson Foundation

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Rural Funders Peer Network

The NCFP Rural Funders Peer Network provides a space for learning and discussion for philanthropic families working in rural areas, including those funding in rural Tribal places. This peer network offers philanthropic families who are placed-based rural funders a chance to learn from each other, share experiences of best practices for working in rural areas, discuss tactics and strategies, and connect with funding and partnering opportunities to leverage their investments and increase their impact. See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Erin Borla, Executive Director, Roundhouse Foundation
Wynn Rosser, President and CEO, T.L.L. Temple Foundation

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Strategic Lifespan Peer Network

Join this special peer group of family givers and those who support them. Many in this group have decided to operate with a limited lifespan. Others are thinking about the decision to spend down. Meet colleagues in this confidential, safe space, while discussing tactics, strategies, and timely questions.  See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Priscilla Enriquez, CEO, James B. McClatchy Foundation
Glen Galaich, CEO, Stupski Foundation
Anne Marie Toccket, Executive Director, Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh

Funding from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and the Quixote Foundation was instrumental in creating this peer network. This network is open to all foundations that are in the process of, or considering, limiting the lifespan of their foundation.

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Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network

This network exists to enhance the effectiveness of community foundation staff in their work with family donors. Comprised of more than 50 community foundations from across the country, the network meets monthly to discuss trending topics, ways to improve donor services, successful business models, family engagement, and more.  See a list of past and upcoming conversations of this network.

Chaired by:
Jennifer Curry, Director of Giving Strategies, Oregon Community Foundation

Advised by a committee of peers

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