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The Future of Family Philanthropy: Predicting and Preparing

July 6, 2014 | Michael Moody
The future of family philanthropy is an uncertain one, with dramatic changes taking place both in families and in philanthropy itself. But along with the uncertainty comes possibility and excitement; along with future challenges there are energized new donors and emerging innovations that could improve family giving in ways few would have predicted just a few years ago. Based on the Read More
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Mission and Values (Zellerbach Family Foundation)

October 30, 2005 | Zellerbach Family Foundation
The Mission of the Zellerbach Family Foundation is to be a catalyst for constructive social change by initiating and investing in efforts that strengthen families and communities. Our Values: Responsibility We value the respected reputation earned by the Zellerbach Family Foundation through its work over the years. Application: We honor the founders of the Foundation and the work of our Read More
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FADICA: How Catholic Family Philanthropy Keeps a Hallowed Tradition

October 29, 2002 | Francis J. Butler
Catholic family foundations have organized into a donor group that provides highly motivated, carefully directed giving to nurture and revitalize Catholicism in the U.S. and worldwide. This overview from 'Faith and Family Philanthropy' features a brief history of Catholic philanthropy, and a discussion of the current challenges and opportunities for Catholic donors in the U.S. and worldwide. Read More
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How can 21st century collaboration enable greater social impact?

June 10, 2021 | Debi Blizard, Zoe True
As philanthropists lean into global challenges like climate change and economic inequality, it is easy to see that no one person or organization can shift the tide on these issues by themselves. To move the needle on these complex problems we must understand how to work together better, both externally with our partners as well as internally across groups and Read More
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Learning from Each Other: The Dyson Foundation

January 5, 2021
Note: The following are excerpted from essays written by Anne E. Dyson, M.D. and Robert R. Dyson; they were originally published in the 1996 and 1997 annual reports for The Dyson Foundation and re-released in 2001 as part of NCFP’s Living the Legacy guide. Celebration of a Life: From the 1996 Report He left quite a mark on this world, Read More
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The Canary Fund: Participatory Grantmaking at the David Rockefeller Fund

September 14, 2020 | David Rockefeller Fund
The following excerpt from Leading with Love and Gratitude: The David Rockefeller Fund at 30 shares the story of the DR Fund’s work and strategies seeking to address the long-term impact of penal system policies on people, families, and communities, featuring the participatory grantmaking approach of the Canary Fund. In 2016–17, Lukas Haynes established a path-breaking DR Fund fellowship program Read More