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Engaging Parents and Guardians in Youth Philanthropy

December 27, 2021 | Sheryl Seller
Earlier this month we shared the Sillerman Center’s ongoing youth philanthropy research as it relates to COVID-19, based on The State of Youth Philanthropy: 2020-2021, and the success of hybrid youth philanthropy program models. In that blog, we also discussed some of the challenges that young people and their adult supporters have faced throughout the pandemic. An additional area we’d Read More
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Youth Philanthropy During COVID-19 and the Success of Hybrid Programming

December 9, 2021 | Sheryl Seller
At the Sillerman Center, we think about youth philanthropy programs as those that support young people making grants directly to nonprofit organizations and projects, while also mentoring and supporting the youth grantmakers. We view these programs as a form of participatory grantmaking and civic engagement in which young people, who are closest to the problems faced in their own communities, Read More
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Community Foundations Network Topical Call: Youth Philanthropy Engagement and Adaptations

August 10, 2021 | Katherine Ponce, Sheryl Seller
Join the Sillerman Center’s Youth Philanthropy Project staff to better understand the current landscape of youth philanthropy and youth engagement through insights from their State of Youth Philanthropy (2020-2021) survey, conducted in collaboration with the Foundation for MetroWest. Learn about what their data show about the way programs have adapted throughout of COVID-19, and the social and racial injustices faced across the country, and the Read More
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Community-Centric Youth Philanthropy: A Case Study of Greater Worcester Community Foundation’s Youth for Community Improvement Program

This case study aims to demonstrate how youth philanthropy can be an avenue to democratize philanthropy while it simultaneously benefits young people. We invite readers to explore Youth for Community Improvement, a youth grantmaking program at Greater Worcester Community Foundation, from the vantage points of young people who participate in the program and their adult supporters. Read More

Youth Philanthropy Connect

February 15, 2019
Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC), a program of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation from 2011 to 2017, was a youth-led program for youth involved in philanthropic work to connect through a peer advisory network. Read More
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Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network Topical Call: Youth Grantmaking and Youth Philanthropy Programs (January 2018)

Learn about youth grantmaking programs and youth philanthropy programs as a part of your philanthropic services. Sarah Ford from the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Community Foundation, Whitney Hosty of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, and Brittany Rayburn of the Legacy Fund of Hamilton County/Central Indiana Community Foundation kick off the conversation.  Read More
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Bringing Youth Philanthropy Home

August 22, 2017 | Sammie Holzwarth
In 2015, Foundant partnered with Youth Philanthropy Connect on their trip across the United States as they hosted gatherings of youth philanthropists. This trip opened their eyes to the potential for success a program like this could have in their own community in Bozeman, Montana. Read More