Community Foundation Family Philanthropy Network – Staff Only Subscription




Community Foundation Family Philanthropy Network


The Community Foundations Staff Only Subscription is available exclusively for community foundations who wish all staff members to receive the benefits listed below.


  • Community Foundation (referred to below as “Partner Subscriber”) will receive unlimited login accounts for their staff to access monthly family philanthropy webinars, Spark Session webinars, community foundation Topical Calls, and the exclusive collection of curated family philanthropy resources.
  • Partner Subscriber is eligible to attend NCFP’s National Forum on Family Philanthropy (currently held every two years), and will receive an exclusive invitation to community foundation peer networking events primarily held immediately prior to the National Forum.
  • Partner Subscriber will have access to the embeddable widget, allowing open direct download of NCFP knowledge center resources from your organization’s web site.
  • Partner Subscriber will be featured on the NCFP website and monthly webinar slides with organization logo. The website also includes organization description.
  • Partner Subscriber will receive copyright permission to adapt or reprint NCFP materials from the Knowledge Center for use in newsletters, as handouts, or in any other communications vehicle, for responding to requests from staff and donor families. (See below for more copyright information).
  • Partner Subscriber will receive access to exclusive content including streaming replays of more than 200 past NCFP webinars.
  • Partner Subscriber receives personalized support from NCFP staff.
  • Partner Subscriber will be provided with the NCFP Family Philanthropy Partners logo that they may add to pages on their website.
  • Complimentary usage of NCFP self-assessment tools for community foundations and families: Family Philanthropy Playbook and Readiness Self-Assessment Tool.
  • Invitation to share perspectives, job openings, and other updates through Family Giving News and Twitter (subject to NCFP review).
  • Priority access to NCFP staff and discounts for presentations and speaking engagements.
  • Complimentary referrals for staff-screened consultants and advisors, and family foundation peers facing similar issues in family giving.
  • Partner Subscriber will receive a 20% discount off of NCFP publications.


  • Partner Subscriber agrees to limit password access to community foundation staff.
  • Partner Subscriber agrees to advise all users of the copyright policies governing the use of NCFP Knowledge Center and its content. (See “Content Usage and Copyright” below.)
  • Partner Subscriber agrees that family foundation donors, consultants and philanthropic advisors, for profit networks, nonprofit organizations, and financial institutions are not eligible to receive password access via any affiliation they may have with the Partner Subscriber. In addition, partner subscriber may not extend password access to their subscription to any foundations, families or donors who are not current donors to the community foundation.


  • Partner Subscriber may not charge a fee to the public or sell access to the Webinar Series live events or post-event content (i.e., transcripts, streaming audio, etc.), and agrees to limit access to the series to their staff. Complimentary access is nontransferable.
  • Partner Subscriber recognizes that NCFP is the sole copyright holder for the NCFP Knowledge Center, and agrees to abide by both the overall NCFP Knowledge Center copyright statement, and copyright of individual articles within the NCFP Knowledge Center.
  • Partner Subscriber notes that the copyright for many of the articles and documents presented in the NCFP Knowledge Center resides with other organizations; permission to copy such articles must be obtained from the organization holding the copyright.
  • As part of the subscription, Partner Subscriber may request permission to copy articles contained within the NCFP Knowledge Center, subject to the “Knowledge Center Copyright and Sharing Guidelines” policy stated on the NCFP Knowledge Center site. For a complete set of updated Knowledge Center Copyright and Sharing Guidelines, please go to:


  • The Community Foundations Staff Only Subscription annual fee is $2,500.00. This fee is non-refundable. Pro-rated upgrades to the Community Foundation Pro account are available at any time.
  • Payment must be made and the partnership agreement approved prior to receiving a login account to the NCFP Knowledge Center.
  • Partner Subscriber subscription will begin once NCFP has been provided the name, title, and email of the person(s) to be given access to the NCFP Knowledge Center.
  • Subscription renewal offers are made on an annual basis and renewal payment will be due one year after access to the NCFP Knowledge Center has been provided.
  • NCFP reserves the right to review and adjust renewal rates annually.


In keeping with the goal of enabling our Partners to be recognized as the leading local, trusted, resource for family philanthropy:

  • NCFP encourages its Community Foundation Subscribers to share any family philanthropy-related resources that they may develop (e.g., sample investment, spending, or conflict-of-interest policies; articles; research; and stories) with the greater Family Philanthropy Online community. If you are interested in promoting and sharing your own content through community foundation family philanthropy curated resources, please contact NCFP or provide us the name, title, and contact information of the staff member in your organization with whom we may develop such content with for distribution.
  • In addition, NCFP encourages Partner Subscribers to suggest any useful tools or information from other sources that may be of value to family philanthropists and Knowledge Center users.


  • Family Philanthropy Online is a non-exclusive, subscription service provided by the National Center for Family Philanthropy. NCFP reserves the right to offer or deny subscriptions to any and all organizations, institutions, and individuals, as it determines to be appropriate.