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Financial institutions and multi-family offices supporting client trusts, foundations, and other charitable vehicles are instrumental in guiding families through the complexities of wealth management. NCFP has the expertise to help you serve families better.

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Wealth management is a crucial part of responsible, effective giving. NCFP provides our partner subscribers with the tools they need to inform clients about giving options and best practices.


NCFP is the premier source of information on family philanthropy. We help family philanthropists to make informed decisions that propel their giving goals, and we know you do to. In addition to our robust Online Knowledge Center, NCFP hosts monthly webinars open to our partner subscribers and their clients. These webinars cover a range of topics to assist your clients as they make decisions about their giving. Each webinar is accompanied by a carefully selected list of related resources to add depth and breadth to the topic.


Not only does partnership with NCFP provide a community beyond your own client base, but it demonstrates support for the field of family philanthropy.

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