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The promise of family philanthropy is fulfilled by its members—often across multiple generations, which can pose a challenge. Multigenerational families use a variety of techniques to engage the next generation in philanthropy. Successful participation depends on a number of considerations, including how to promote learning, empower next generation family members, and offer leadership positions. In this webinar, learn how to strategically engage the next generation in family traditions, legacy, and culture, and explore when and how to promote formal philanthropic engagement at different ages and stages in the development process.

About this Series

The monthly Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy webinar series provides guidance on the core tenets of effective family philanthropy—from motivations and values to governance, grantmaking, and succession. The series equips giving families with the latest information on evergreen topics in the donor lifecycle through practical takeaways and diverse family stories that illustrate important practices. Designed for seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike, the series is available to our Friends of the Family and Partner Subscriber organizations.

Featured Speakers

Allison Hale

Allison Hale joined the Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF) in 2016 and works as a Senior…

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Cadence Miller

Cadence Miller is lucky to be a third generation Seattleite, with a deep appreciation for the…

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Sharmila Rao Thakkar

Sharmila Rao Thakkar, MPH, MPA, CAP® is a nonprofit and philanthropic consultant based in NYC. Sharmila’s…

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