Logic Models: How They Can Increase Your Impact

Logic modeling has been embraced by some large foundations, but has not been as popular with smaller ones because the process may seem overly complicated. The KDK-Harman Foundation, a $20 million family foundation in Austin, Texas, believes use of logic models—a systematic, visual way to present a plan with its underlying assumptions and theoretical framework—is even more crucial for small foundations seeking to make sustained impact. The foundation uses a logic model as a strategic planning tool to guide its own grantmaking. The foundation also encourages and supports grantees to develop logic models for their organizations. Learn how this process works and how it can be a beneficial, practical tool to your own grantmaking.

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Janet Harman

Janet E. Harman is the president of the KDK-Harman Foundation, which she founded in 2004. 

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Kristin Brewer

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