Measuring Effectiveness as a Family Philanthropy

While no family launches a charitable giving vehicle with the intention of spending time and resources without results, it can often be difficult to quantify or even evaluate the results of your philanthropy. Certainly every family hopes that their giving will have a positive impact on the lives of those in their communities, but how can the results of your philanthropy be measured? Or should they be? Are tangible programmatic results the only indicator that a philanthropic vehicle is successful? What it means to be effective varies widely from family to family, based on your goals and aspirations, histories, and expectations. The question of effectiveness is so multi-faceted and subtly nuanced that giving even an adequate account of the issue can be very difficult. This discussion with an experienced philanthropic consultant and former foundation executive will offer context and suggested strategies for your family as you consider the impact and effectiveness of your philanthropy.

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Doug Bauer

Doug Bauer is the executive director of the Clark Estates and the Scriven and Fernleigh Foundations.

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