Mobilizing Change: Scenario Planning and Choice Making for a Better Future

NCFP has invited Zander Grashow to share some of the ideas, tools, and practices to help guide us through this adaptive chapter of our collective history. This two-part series will include content sharing, small group time with peers, large group reflections and Q&A. Attendance is not mandatory for both sessions, but together, they certainly build a more coherent set of tools and strategies for our current reality.

Facing the future is both easier and more productive when we can plan for different scenarios and apply a clear decision-making rubric that integrates our values and ambitions. In this interactive workshop, Zander will share a scenario planning and decision-making process that you can apply to your life, work ,and philanthropy. Leave with a framework to help you prepare for and respond to an uncertain future.

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In the midst of this global pandemic, Good Wolf Group has launched The Evolution Series – a weekly free webinar to share ideas, strategies and practices for making meaning and forging ahead through crisis. Both individually and collectively, there is an urgent need to make sense of what is happening, create strategies for the short and long-term and find grounding and perspective. While we might not have chosen this adaptive moment, there is an opportunity to come together to determine how we will respond.

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