Reducing the Administrative Burden through Fiscal Sponsorship

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Administration is often a hurdle to scaling impact. Because of this, an increasing number of donors are leveraging giving vehicles with less administrative burden and more legal, financial, and investment support. Fiscal sponsorships and other intermediary partners provide an option for giving families that want to build a philanthropic effort, but do not want to administer a separate entity for their giving. How do you determine if these structures are a good fit for your desired level of involvement and staffing? What are the different options, and what are some considerations when choosing your vehicle? Join us for a discussion on when and how best to leverage fiscal sponsors as a solution to effective family philanthropy.

About this Series

The monthly Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy webinar series provides guidance on the core tenets of effective family philanthropy—from motivations and values to governance, grantmaking, and succession. The series equips giving families with the latest information on evergreen topics in the donor lifecycle through practical takeaways and diverse family stories that illustrate important practices. Designed for seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike, the series is available to our Friends of the Family and Partner Subscriber organizations.

More Fundamentals

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