Community Foundations Topical Call: Telling the Story of your Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Services

Community foundations have been serving giving families for many decades. Recently more and more community foundations have been re-examining how they are promoting the philanthropic services they offer to donor families.

How have community foundations successfully marketed their services to encourage families to partner with them on their philanthropy? What are the changes that some community foundations have made that have been successful?

Join us for a conversation with several colleagues who have evolved the marketing of their philanthropic services to encourage families to partner on their philanthropy with the community foundation.

And please come prepared to share what your community foundation is doing in this area!

Note: This event and related materials are available only to staff of NCFP’s Community Foundation subscribers. If your organization is not yet a member of the Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network, you can learn more and join here.


Featured Speakers

Tracy Burt

As the leader of the marketing and communications department, Tracy is responsible for the overall strategic…

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Karen Hrdlicka

Karen Hrdlicka leads The Center for Family Philanthropy, a charitable resource center created by Akron Community…

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Jennifer Olson Curry

Jennifer Olson Curry is the Director of Giving Strategies at the Oregon Community Foundation. She helps…

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Nicolette Rea

Nicolette “Nici” Rea has been with the Community Foundation Tampa Bay for over 4 years. She…

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