2016 Conference on Scaling Impact

The conference includes presentations from more than 60 foundation and nonprofit leaders, as well as knowledge-building sessions and peer networking opportunities.  Key themes in 2016 include systems change to support scaled impact, local and national collective action, social impact bonds, impact investing at scale and collaboration to drive large scale change.


The Social Impact Exchange creates the conditions for breakthroughs to go big in order to deliver impact where it is needed most. 

Together, our members are building a marketplace to scale-up solutions to significant social problems. We make it easier for philanthropic giving to achieve major positive change by supporting strategies that improve lives and change systems. Specifically, we:

  • FIND nonprofit initiatives that consistently get great results and are ready to grow their impact.
  • CONNECT funders with trusted solutions to the problems they care about.
  • ENABLE foundations to create systems change locally and nationally.
  • FOSTER collaboration among funders, business and government that increases the power of giving and achieves greater social good.


Our ultimate goal is to create a marketplace that efficiently delivers capital to the most effective nonprofits so they can spread their impact in cities and states across the country. Such a marketplace has the potential to direct billions of dollars each year to hundreds of high-impact nonprofits that will improve the lives of millions of people.

For more information, visit www.scalingconference.org, send questions to conference@growthphilanthropy.org, or call 212-551-1148.  

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