Social Movements for Good: Family Philanthropy Fuels Change

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Social movements are at the core of society — raising awareness about issues and providing a voice for those that are often not heard. These movements are rooted in the idea that individuals can band together and combine resources to garner support for an issue. Social movements are great opportunities for family philanthropists to align their resources and voices with like-minded people who want to bring about change. On this webinar, Social Movements for Good author Derrick Feldmann will be joined by family philanthropy leaders and donors from the Woodcock Foundation, Ford Foundation, and The Sampson Foundation to provide practical examples for how philanthropic families can support social movements to fuel positive change in the communities and causes they care most about.

Featured Speakers

Christopher Cardona

Christopher Cardona is part of the Philanthropy team at the Ford Foundation and has engaged with…

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Derrick Feldmann

Derrick Feldmann is a sought-after speaker, researcher and advisor for cause engagement. He is the author…

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Kristy S. Rodriguez

Kristy S. Rodriguez serves as President on the board of the Myles. D. and J. Faye Sampson…

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Stacey Faella

Stacey Faella is the Executive Director of the Woodcock Foundation, a progressive family foundation that supports…

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What others have said...

Lots of good examples of moving from a family legacy of general philanthropy to a focus, mission-driven approach.


Looking hard at our history of giving, our long-term funding, to discover the leaders and opportunities to move from service providers to social change agents.


Knowing that there are several components to this kind of work and that good partners are essential.  Also, just knowing that others have tried to tackle this kind of work is valuable.


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