Investment Policy (The Wallace Foundation, 2021)

The investment goal of The Wallace Foundation (the Foundation) is to earn a total return that will provide a steady stream of income to fund the grant making and operations of the Foundation in support of its mission while preserving the real or inflation-adjusted value of the Foundation’s total investment assets (the Total Portfolio) over long periods of time.

In an effort to meet this goal, the Foundation maintains a diversified Total Portfolio that is invested in various risk buckets, asset classes and investment styles. As a prudent investor, the Foundation’s asset allocation plan considers the investment standards provided by government authorities and takes into account: general economic conditions; the possible effect of inflation or deflation; the expected tax consequences of investment decisions or strategies; the role that each investment or course of action plays within the overall investment portfolio of the Foundation; any special relationship or value of an investment to the mission of the Foundation; the expected total return of the portfolio, including both income and appreciation of investments; other resources of the Foundation; and the Foundation’s needs to make distributions and preserve capital.