Evelyn Huang is a dynamic entrepreneur and dedicated educator who thrives at the nexus of family and finances. She holds an unwavering commitment to helping individuals and organizations harness the power of money to create fulfilling lives.

As the cofounder of Ruby Money, Evelyn is leading the charge in providing a financial backbone for solopreneurs, ensuring that the pursuit of entrepreneurial success is harmoniously balanced with financial well-being.

With over two decades of leadership experience within financial services and energy sectors, Evelyn has emerged as the heartbeat of organizations. During her tenure at Capital One, she orchestrated a remarkable transformation, driving the institution towards a genuinely customer-centric paradigm. Her strategic approach propelled the bank ahead of the competition, creating groundbreaking innovations while shifting products to truly serve the people.

In her role as Chief Customer Experience Officer/CMO at Sunrun, the nation’s largest residential energy services entity, Evelyn played an instrumental role in propelling the company’s ascent to a $2B market cap. By unwaveringly prioritizing customer needs and behaviors, she epitomized the essence of customer-centric growth.

As a seasoned educator and lecturer at Stanford University’s d.school, she imparts the principles of design thinking, innovation, and organizational change. She led the d.school’s executive education program, earning her a reputation as an inspiring educator and advocate for empathy in navigating complex challenges.

Her career journey also encompasses notable contributions to social impact, such as her role as Microloan Program Director at Opportunity Fund, where she led the transformation of a local initiative into one of the nation’s largest microlenders, empowering underserved entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

Evelyn’s path is underpinned by her academic achievements, including a BA in Public Policy and an MBA, both from Stanford University. Her multidisciplinary background and wealth of experience have marked her as a visionary leader whose journey at the confluence of family, money, and work has enriched both corporate landscapes and individual lives.


2023 Family Philanthropy Leadership Retreat

Posted on April 19, 2023 by Susan Stamerjohn, Michelle Tremillo, Alejandro Foung, Dr. Jason Franklin, Jonathan Brack, Sandra Fluke, Tonya Allen, Diego Zegarra, Sue Banerjee, Catherine Maddox Walton

Save the Date 2023 Family Philanthropy Leadership Retreat
Thank you so much for your interest in the Leadership Retreat. The event is sold out, and we are no longer accepting names for the waitlist, due to the unlikelihood of accommodating everyone on it already. We are delighted by the response, and we regret that we have to turn anyone away. Please keep an eye on our Programs and… Read More