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Voices from the Field

Know Your Family Foundation Life Cycle

Posted on January 29, 2020 by Mary Phillips, GMA Foundations

a family with kids plays in a pile of autumn leaves
Editor’s note: This content is authored by Mary Phillips at GMA, where she leads GMA Foundations’ consulting practice. GMA is a content partner of NCFP and the piece appears with permission. By nature, family philanthropy is a deeply meaningful and evolving endeavor. Families are notoriously unique in their approaches to giving together, yet there are common stages and transitions that… Read More

Podcast: Carolyn Talks with Mary About Family and Social Change

Posted on July 21, 2015 by GMA Foundations

In this “I am family philanthropy” StoryCorps interview, GMA Foundations staff members Carolyn and Mary reflect upon summertime memories, family values, and philanthropy. We may want to include some additional details about what they talked about, as well as perhaps a quote or two to get people intrigued. We can also perhaps create a different photo to appear at rights… Read More