Katherine Tyler Scott is the Managing Principal of Ki ThoughtBridge, a company specializing in an integrated adaptive approach to leadership development through change management, conflict resolution and negotiation skills. Ki ThoughtBridge’s mission is the transformation of individuals, organizations and communities. Katherine holds a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University, a Master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University, and an honorary doctorate in Public Service from Christian Theological Seminary. She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, has completed post graduate work in supervision and organizational development. Katherine is certified in conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation by The Harvard Negotiation Project and is licensed to administer and interpret the MBTI. Following her career as a clinical social worker and administrator, Katherine was a consultant to the Lilly Endowment and developed and directed the Lilly Endowment Leadership Education Program, a statewide leadership education initiative for professionals in the youth service field. She has developed leadership curricula and training programs and resources for the Community Leadership Association, and several state and national institutions. Read more…


An Introduction to Trustee Education for Family Foundations

Posted on January 5, 2021 by Katherine Tyler Scott

Note: This article was written and released in 2001 as part of NCFP’s Living the Legacy guide. A Rich Tradition of Service: Volunteer Leadership for The Public Good Americans have established a deep, rich tradition of volunteerism. From the Pilgrim’s Social Compact of 1620, which emphasized government based upon consent and “care for each other’s good,” to the present day… Read More