Niki Jagpal

Former Senior Director of Research and Policy, NCRP

Niki Jagpal served previously as NCRP’s senior director of research and policy. Niki was the primary author of Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best: Benchmarks to Assess and Enhance Grantmaker Impact, and lead author on the High Impact Strategies in Philanthropy series. .


Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership

Posted on May 9, 2017 by Niki Jagpal, Ryan Schlegel

Leadership development is an integral component of any work that seeks to address long-standing structural barriers to sustainable change. We cannot succeed without substantial investments in leadership at the grassroots level, specifically among groups working to address rigid structural barriers to equity and creating sustainable change. … Read More

Families Funding Change: How Social Justice Giving Honors Our Roots and Strengthens Communities

Posted on October 23, 2015 by National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Niki Jagpal, Ryan Schlegel

Social justice grantmaking is an important part of many family foundations’ strategies. These foundations use their reputation and financial capital for systemic reform by funding work such as nonprofit advocacy, community organizing and civic engagement. Yet, many family foundations also encounter hurdles when they consider a shift to strategic social justice giving. This white paper examines the latest data to… Read More