Steve Kirsch is the founder of the Kirsch Foundation, which invests in causes where high-impact, leverageable activities can result in a safer and healthier world. Kirsch is also founder and chairman of Propel Software and CEO of Abaca, both Silicon Valley start-ups. He is founder and chairman of Infoseek Corporation, an Internet navigation service that was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in November 1999. Prior to Infoseek, Steve founded Frame Technology in 1986 and Mouse Systems in 1982.


Pros and cons of giving publicly vs. giving anonymously

Posted on November 4, 2001 by Steve Kirsch

This article lists the pros and cons of giving anonymously, from both a donor's and a charity's point of view. Donor issues discussed include recognition versus unwanted attention; charity issues include the benefit of association with a big name, and the danger of linkage with a controversial one… Read More