Teresa Araco Rodgers founded harp-weaver LLC to offer donors a better way to add meaning and align their gifting with personal, family and financial goals. Her mission is to inspire others by helping them articulate their values and passions to be purposeful givers. Teresa began her career at SEI and in her sixteen years with the company she played various global business development and client service roles. Once Teresa uncovered her professional interests in philanthropy, she developed SEI’s Philanthropy Solutions business. Following the birth of her third child, Teresa started harp-weaver LLC and continued helping others with their philanthropy. Teresa holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a Certificate in Nonprofit Administration, and received the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation. She is an avid supporter of women’s philanthropy and hosts a dinner series called Night Out With Meaning. She is a partner in a few women’s collaborative funds, serves on multiple nonprofit boards, and is a member of Investor Circle Philadelphia.  She is an advocate for impact investing and promoting a practical approach amongst foundations. 


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